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How to go for blonde hair color

If you decide to become a blonde, first you have to look at the hair color level chart and see how far your natural hair color level is from your desired blonde hair color level. The farther you are harder it is. If you are more than 3 levels apart it's better to go to the salon.

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Most hair stylists use hair color level chart to decide the best basic tone for a person and the highlights that will coordinate for an added sparkle. A level determines how dark or light the color is; it goes on a scale of 1-10. One is black, 10 is very light blond. To decide on the right hair color, you will need to know the correct tone and level. As a rule of thumb, try to stay within 2 or 3 levels of your target level to preserve your natural hair color look

Whether you want a dark ash blond, wheat, butterscotch, honey blonde or pale golden blonde, the chart will provide you with the images of the hues that a person can refer to in mixing and making color dyes.

The shades of blonde colors as seen in the chart may not appear as desired. The color of your hair once dyed can be either lighter or darker than what you desired in the first place.

blonde hair color chart

As basic to any hair style idea or before consulting the hair color chart you need a healthy hair with no frizz, dandruff or any scalp disease. Finding a remedy for these should take precedence as damage most likely will happen if you color your hair with the said conditions.

If you observe closely, the hair colors are not of the same hue for every strand. Not one single strand is colored with a single shade. A skilled stylist will mimic this natural observation to make it look natural. But every color is not absolute, it can be altered by another color somewhere in the color wheel. This principle also applies to hair coloring and the blonde hair color chart as well.

Hair colors are also staged in different levels. The dark blonde, light blonde, very light blonde and light platinum blonde are level 7, level 8, level 9 and level 10 respectively.


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