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Dip dye hair

When you are young, there are a lot of things you can do to be creative. This includes the clothes you wear, the accessories and the total look you sport. You can have the excuse to go ballistic about music and explore your creative side. You have many ways of expressing yourself, your personality, your thoughts and dreams to the world. This is the time to explore new things and have fun while you are at it. And of course, young girls becoming a woman also develops a fascination with color and realizes how important their hair is in achieving the look that they want or the image that they want to project. There are so many fun ways of doing so. One is dip dyeing your hair. It is a somewhat rebellious style but very cute way of dyeing the hair. And it is not so complicated as well.

Tip: If you you feel too scared to try dip dry you can be discreet with small injections of color or chose ombre style.

Some people confuse dip-dye with ombre style. Yes they are similar both involves multiple shades of colors being applied. But the similarity ends there. While ombre style involves a subtle change from one shade to the other, dip-dye is bold. It has in your face feel. It usually involves use of bold bright color with careless application. As the name suggests, this particular technique of dip dye in coloring the hair is so simple you just have to dip your hair into the mix of hair dye and get instant results. There are slim to zero room for mistake. And in fact, the carelessness and imperfectness of the dip dye adds more charm to it.

Most common is to dye half the hair length with different color.

This technique is best when you are torn between two colors but you can’t simply choose one. The fact of the matter is you do not have to. Like shoes and accessories, you can mix and match them not just with highlights and streaks on the head but also at your hair’s end. It can give you the results you are aiming for to add up to that rebel, rocker chic you want to turn yourself into or if that is what you are aiming for.

Best results are achieved when the light is matched with dark. Say you have a blonde natural hair color, you have to find a strong, bold and dark shade. You can choose red or burgundy and your hair tail will never be the same. On the other hand, if your natural hair color is dark, you may opt to lighter shades such as blonde. It’s a total reverse and the hair and color stands out more this way. So, get crazy, experiment and express. You are young and free and you have all the excuse to be careless. You can absolutely do so with a dip dye.

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How to apply

For those of us who are chickens we can always fake it. Faking is really easy. Clip in extensions are available. You can pick up some colored extensions from dress shops. Or you can buy some light extensions like blonde and dye them with your choice of color. This is also a good idea when you want temporary dip-dye look for a day or for some festive occasion.

Other option is spray-in hair colors that wash out. First thing is to wear some gloves and make sure you are in a clear area as you don’t want the spray to spoil anything of value. Take an old towel and place around your shoulders. Then brush your hair smooth and straight. Start by sectioning the hair in half and bring it round to the front. Leave the strands flat against your shoulders and spray color onto the ends.

If you want to apply the real thing then here are the instructions for that.

    Things you will need:
  • Hair brush - for sectioning your hair.
  • Pair of gloves - to protect your hands from dye and bleach.
  • Some old towel to cover your upper-body portion. You can as well use a big polythene bag, make a whole in it and wear around your neck.
  • A small bag and a grip to hold your hair.
  • Pre lighter if you have really dark hair. If you have blonde hair, you don't need it.
  • Cling film or foil
  • Your choice of colored dyes
    How To:
  • Cover yourself with old towel and put the gloves on
  • Mix the bleach according to the instructions.
  • Section your hair with the brush and apply the bleach evenly at the ends. You can go as wide with the dip as you like, or just have a little at the ends of your hair.
  • Bag your hair, this will stop mess and help dye develop and wait for 40-45 minutes (or as the instruction pack says) to let the bleach work
  • Shampoo lightly to rinse out the bleach.
  • Apply your colored dye and wrap in foil. Start by taking a square of foil, fold both sides inwards than start folding the foil upwards to keep the dye covered and help it develop.
  • Apply heat by blow drying or wait 10-20 minutes.
  • Wipe off any excess dye, reapply and wait if needed (you can make the color as strong or as faded as you desire) when you are done just rinse.


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