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Highlighting adds visual interest to the hair and enhances the look.This is probably most commonly used when you want to change the look of your hair without completely changing the hair color. Highlights can be used to different effect as explained below:

  • Traditional highlighting: In traditional highlighting the highlight color is one or two shades lighter than the natural base color. This method is used to add some brightness in the overall look of the hair.
  • Gintare by Imantas Boiko (imantas) on 500px.com
    Gintare by Imantas Boiko

  • Low lighting: In low-lighting the highlight color is a shade or two darker. This is applied to add depth to the hair color.

  • Bold highlights: In this technique a totally different color to the base color is used to add accent to the hair.

Highlighting tips:

Target for natural looking highlights:

Secret for natural looking highlights is placement. Ruler-straight and evenly spaced streaks are not possible naturally from the sun so don't color your highlights this way. When coloring highlights yourself try keeping the highlights between 1/8- and 1/4-inch thick, and concentrate them at your hairline. These will brighten your face.

Don't shy to discuss placement of the hair highlights before the process begins. You may want to start out with only subtle highlights in the front or have them placed all over to blend in with your natural hair color.

Face framing streaks

You can add subtle highlights around your hairline to give face framing effect. This brightens up your complexion. Added advantage is that these are low-maintenance.

Highlights to fix too dark hair dye job

You can use low-lighting to fix the hair dye job that has gone wrong. You tried a dark color and that came out too dark for your liking. By adding a few highlight pieces around your face can brighten it up. Important part is the highlights should be two to three shades lighter than your hair color.

Highlights for brunettes

Brunettes don't need a full head of highlights. Instead of covering your head with highlights, ask your colorist to just color lighter pieces into your hair and then rinse out. This provides depth and dimension which enhances the natural tone of your hair.

Avoid highlights on red hair

As red hair tends to fade the fastest, the highlights can quickly turn pinkish. So best to avoid them on red hair. Instead keep to single process and use color-depositing conditioner to make color stay brilliant.

Use highlighting cap

For subtle highlights use a highlighting cap. It seals around the base of the scalp and comes with a hook to pull strands out from pinholes to be lightened. This gives you control on how much hair you want to highlight.


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