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Honey Blonde hair Color Ideas

No matter what the season, a sun-kissed light honey blonde shade is always among the most popular hair color idea. It gives a sexy, carefree edge to winter's dark and gothic looks. It works best on mousy and light brown hair.

Couple of different tones will give textured look and create definition. Being chicer than peroxide and cooler than brunette, it is a laid back low maintenance hair color. Glosser between touch-ups can help maintain the healthy glow. Honey blonde gives you natural blonde look.

This darker shade of honey blonde will suit on warmer skin tones. Warmer shades gives flattering and natural look. Also it means you don't have to do too much of bleaching

You can as well add honey blonde highlights to your dark hair almost like kisses of gold. It also helps soften the facial features.

Blonde Ambient by Andre Wormsbecker (AndreWormsbecker) on 500px.com

It adds to the mistique if you have honey eyes to go with this shade of blonde color.

So if you have got this idea for dyeing your hair honey blonde you need to do some homework. First and foremost is to check out whether this will suit you. Getting your idea from glossy images of celebrities will be a mistake. What is on their head would not end up on yours. Remember those celebrities have an army of help to bring about that color and also sometimes pictures are digitally enhanced. So your first step is to find out if you have the right skin tone for honey blonde color. If you have a warm skin tone, you are out of luck; honey blonde may not suit you as much. Otherwise if you are having cool skin tone you can pull off hair colors like honey blonde and other blonde varieties like platinum blonde and ash blonde.

You can check your skin tone with these methods. If you want to play safe, especially if this is your first time then go to a colorist and check if this is the right hair color for you. If you still want to go ahead on your own and you have done the skin tone check then first try it on few strands of hair at the bottom. If it turns out good and suits your skin tone then go ahead.

If your applying honey blonde at home remember that honey blonde usually lifts the natural hair color by two shades. For example if your hair is a darker shade of blonde, applying honey blonde will make it two shades lighter with warm gold tones. It is always best to understand what end effect you probably will get after applying the honey blonde shade. Our guide to how hair colors work will help.

If you have brown hair with reddish tone, it may turn out yellowish orange. So do not make the basic hair color mistakes of going by the picture of the model on the pack. It's better to go by the blonde hair color chart at the back of the pack.


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