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Shades Of Blonde Hair Color

blonde shades

Blonde hair color is an evergreen (or you can as well say ever-blonde)trend. It is trendy and appealing at the same time. The range of shades available in blonde is very varied. Ranging from light yellow to dark bold blonde, you have a very wide choice. This article will help you grab the best blonde hue for your hairstyle.

Blonde range is perhaps the most jammed up hair color range. If you don't chose the right shade for your skin tone, it may appear to be unnatural.

To achieve a natural blonde hair hue can be quite tricky. It is due to the fact that you need to deal with the natural pigment of the hair. To come up the light blonde, the mane must first be altered to a pale yellow. The next steps are bleaching, and applying a solution to tone the hair to achieve the desired shade like ash, platinum, honey blonde or golden.

If your natural color is dark and you want a lighter shade then possibly you should consult a professional hair stylist. He can help you about proper color blending and treatments.

The skin plays an essential element to your choice of blonde shade. Gold in a fair skinned person will exude a warm aura while a red to reddish complexioned one will have to go with cool shades to neutralize the skin color.

To maintain your shade and to avoid uneven edges and the harsh feeling try using a color conditioner. The more often you use a good conditioner the longer the color will remain.

One tip is to tint your eyebrows with the same family of colors as your hair to bring the best look.

blonde shades

Honey Blonde

This shade has been in quite in fashion recently. It is becoming ever more popular. One reason for it's popularity is that it is all season shade. It looks good come winter or summer. If your natural color is light brown then it is easy to achieve. Morever it is low maintenance color.

Ash Blonde

If you have olive skin then this is the blonde shade for you. It will look even better if you have light colored eyes. It is perfect shade for light color eyed person with olive skin. On the other hand don't try it if you have hazel eyes it will not suite you. Dark blonde shade will be a better option for you.

Chic platinum Blonde

This is the lightest shade of blonde. It has some silver in it. As it is very light it is hard to achieve with in-home methods. Darker your natural hair color is harder it becomes. Lot of chemicals may damage your hair so you need to be careful. To compliment this color your skin must be light in color. Wearing this shade is a real statement. Opt for it if you're ready for the admiring glimpses coming from your admirers.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde is not your average blonde. This shade again is transeasonal color. This works well if you require a soft and feminine look.

Cream Blonde

This is your choice if you want to go for rich hues of blonde.

Platinum Blonde

Much like the dirty blonde hair colour trend, platinum blonde is another way to sex up blonde hair. It differs in that it may not be as transeasonal. While you can wear it all year round,but it is best suited for Spring-Summer.

Swedish Blonde

This is a Scandinavian Blonde with light golden blonde mixed color. This should be your choice if you're naturally fair with a cool skin tone. You need to protect this delicate hue with blonde-depositing shampoo and conditioner.

blonde hair color

Beige Blonde

This shade has beige tones. It will suit especially the people with fair and cool toned skin. If you have warm tone it will be better to avoid this shade. It is better not to use this if you have naturally darker than dark blonde color or you previously dyed darker than light blonde. Expect it to come out darker than on the box

Sandy Blonde

If you like the looks of throwback from the Golden Age of Hollywood then here's your choice

Golden blonde

Golden blonde gives a sunny gold coloration of the hair. It works for more skin tones than many other blondes. It will look good with fair skin or medium fair skin due to its warm tone.

Dark blonde

If you have some tan then this is the color for you. On tanned skin this gives a well balanced look. This comes very close to brown hair color while still retaining the blonde look.

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Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair color is the lightest blond hair color with a hint of silver. It has been always a classic hair color which is cool in tone yet vibrant.

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hair color chart

Honey Blonde

No matter what the season, a sun-kissed light honey blonde shade is always among the most popular hair color idea. It gives a sexy, carefree edge to winters dark and gothic looks.

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skin tone

Dark Ash Blonde

Dark ash blonde best suits the people with olive skin tones. If you have a cool or olive skin tone the dark ash blonde is for you. Your eye color also will come into play.

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hair color chart

Hair Color Chart

Hair color chart is a good tool to compare different shades. Here we have compiled brown hair charts from different providers on one page so that you can compare them.

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skin tone

Your Skin Tone

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